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The card game that predicts the future

Internet offers you free Tarot games. Choose the game that most intrigues you, ask your questions, then your sensitivity will be able to grasp and interpret the messages suggested by the Arcana.

How do you read the response?

Each response is valid only for the applicant andis related to your personal history. The ideal attitude is that of the spectator at the beginning of a film: free your mind from all thoughts and arrange for a vision of a story of which you will be the protagonists. has selected some games for you. With just one bet: not only will you have fun, but, we are sure, you will also get to know a little more. Finally, do not forget to share your response on your favorite social networks. Even if you are curious to know about psychic readingsyou will be able to get that all online.

Method of tomorrow

This game answers simple questions such as “Tomorrow will be a positive or negative day?”.

Yes and no

This game responds simply with a yes or no to your question.

Method of the week

This game informs us how the events of our life will proceed during the current week

Method of love

This game answers questions about the sentimental sphere, in particular about what needs to be done to get something or to conquer someone.

Celtic Cross Method

This game is used to clarify questions of different nature that the applicant can express. It is therefore necessary to ask a specific question and interpret the response.

The history of the Tarot

The Tarot is a form of ancient divination : although it is not possible to give a precise historical reference on their birth, which for convenience is traced back to the Middle Ages, it is easy to find evidence of their use since the days of Ancient Egypt.

Their use to interrogate the future begins to spread in Italy from 1700 and represents, as all scholars say, not only a way to try to predict future events, but an instrument with which to face your personal defects, merits, dark sides and quality that we do not notice or that we leave out of little awareness: reading the 78 Arcani (or Lame) you can read inside yourself, first of all, because you must realize hopes and fears in an image with which we are immediately forced to do accounts, for better or for worse.

It is no coincidence that the functional use of this instrument is extremely close to other ancient forms of foresight, such as Iching, whose ultimate purpose is not only knowledge of the facts that are about to materialize, but the maturation of the consultant and the achievement of his personal wisdom . The editors on the psychic readings website invites you to visit your section dedicated to the Tarot, divided according to the various methods of consultation, and wishes everyone a good read!