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2013 Horoscope Predictions
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Year 2014 Astrology

                                                                                 Year 2014 Astrology


The Horoscope is the map of heavens at a given point in time for the particular geographical location. The map at the time of birth is known as Horoscope.

                          Monthly Horoscope Reading for the next 1 year. Horoscope as per Moon Sign !

Basic calculations based astrology birth date, include: 
Rasi charts ,Navamsa charts,Bhava charts,Nakshatra (birth star),Planetary longitudes,Table of which planet in which star, Astakavarga,Vimshothari DasaImportant Planetary Yogas  (planetary combinations), Each planet being checked for Moudyam (combustion),  Mirthubahaga  (death longitude),  Ucha (exaltation), Neecha,Pushkarams, Pushkaranavamsa . 

Detailed horoscope reading : Basic Astrology calculations and astrology chart 

The birth chart reading  includes all calculations and astrology birth charts mentioned above plus  astrology prediction based on Lagna (ascendant) and birth star. 

Astrology Predictions are based on Moon sign astrology,  Planetary positions in houses, Position of lord of house, Specific important Yogas, Dasa (planetary periods), Timing and evil effect of Kantaka Shani and 7 ½ Shani with astrology remedy .

Main Chart, Nirayana Planetary Position with KP Sub, Bhava Position with KP Sub, Sayana Planetary Position, Varga Table and Charts (Upto Vimsavarga), Panchada Maitri Chakra, Vimsopakam Table and Chart, Tara and Karka Chakra, Upgraha Table and Charts, Ashtak Varga (Prasara, Before Reduction, After Trikona Reduction and After Ekadhipatya Reduction), Ashtak Varga Sodya Pinda, Bhava Dristi (Simple, Complete and Exact), Graha Dristi, Shadbala Table, Ishta Kashta Table, Bhava Bala Table, Strength of Planets and Bhava Lords, Bhava Chakra, Kuja Dosha Check, Sade sati, Combustion with Sun, Graha Yuddha, Table of Significators as per KP, Benefic / Malefic Analysis (Natural, Lordship of Bhava and Shadbala), Aspects, Classical Yogas, Vimsottari Dasa (Upto Antardasa with Various options)
HOROSCOPE reading  gives astrology remedy  for the required planets

                             2014 Yearly Horoscope - 2014 Astrology Predictions - 2014 Astrology Forecast ! 

Images are under the terms of GNU Free Documentation Licence version 1.2
You can now request to Year 2014 Astrology for a fee of US $ 19.95. [INR 995.00]

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